Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation

In the book’s every paragraph, ammunition for the firing squad made up of all unbelievers, and a volley of withering fire to the body, head and heart of every Christian true-believer. (That’s a metaphor, son.) The davastation will all be in the mind and spirit of the true-believer evangelicals. Read it if you dare, Christian: Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation ( A small, short book, a quick read. N.Y.: Alfred A. Knopf, 2006. 91pp. $6.95)Can you imagine their disgust? Take away their salvation candy and eerie raptures, what remains? If they replace that with a pause between stimulus and response for the intellectual functions of deliberative thought, like reading that book, our body politic might generate citizens more capable of producing better leaders, an end to dysfunctional hypocrites, and people more attuned to the demands of a world growing in complexity. The writings of ancient “holy” men should not be elevated above our more informed contemporaries. READ THE BOOK!

I read it with a pbs video in mind, about black holes in the universe. Stand the devout Christian up next to the science that is generating that awsome view of the universe—my oh my, what a stark contrast between their 6,000 years and the astrophysicist’s 5,000 million years since the “big bang”, with 3,000 million years remaining to continue human evolution, before the “big crunch”. (Hawking) Just “a two seconds ago” (in time relative to the Earth’s age) the Catholic Church declared the Earth not flat.

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