Going Counterintuitive on the Iraq War

Go big? Go small? Go away? Those questions frame the dilemmma. We now see the hardhead-in-chief staying the course while changing our strategy. Huh? Swapping “victory” for “success”. “Graceful exit”. Nonsense. Will he listen? The non-deliberative mind hard at work.

During WWII I saw a b/w film about fighter pilots. In a steep dive, the normal reaction in combat was to pull the plane out of the dive by pulling back on the control stick. But planes and men were being killed, crashing after that maneuver. Then the movie’s hero, a test pilot, in a rush of counterintuitive thinking at the critical moment pushed the joy-stick forward, and lived. Voila! The denouement!

I do not recollect if that scenario was drawn from real-life experience, a patriotic movie based on fact. Still, the analogy may be applied to the present moment of the Iraq war, saying that we should go big, really big. I reiterate my counterintuitive thinking in my previous blog statement, mobilize a coalition of all free societies in something like a “million-man march”. One Congressman has called for a renewal of the draft that would include all able-bodied youth, rich and poor, to begin to confront the world-wide conspiracy of the militant Islamists. (I was a draftee in WWII.) Many nations have universal military service as a primary duty of all citizens. Let’s have the debate!

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