Victory-Defeat, Success-Failure

On March 22, 2003, I listened to General Tommy Frank speak on C-SPAN. He said:”Because of the courage and dedication of these heroes, the mission of Operation Iraqi Freedom will be achieved.”

Then General Tommy Frank placed these objectives of the war in Iraq on a chalkboard (to which I have added two judgmental choices and my selection). Were these objectives also the “mission”? I believe so.

  1. end Saddam’s regime; (Success or Failure?) SUCCESS! VICTORY!
  2. isolate and destroy weapons of mass destruction; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  3. drive out terrorism; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  4. collect intelligence related to terrorism; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  5. collect intelligence related to trafficking of weapons of mass destruction; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  6. provide humanitarian assistance to Iraq; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  7. secure oil resources for Iraqi people; (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!
  8. help Iraqi people make the switch to representative Government. (Success or Failure?) FAILURE!

Many people would like to hear a detailed, renewed mission statement from the President, rather than a neat slogan for his base to hang onto.

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