The Gordian Knot That Is Iraq

There is a new Gordian Knot in Iraq.

Everyone knows the ancient legend. The ox-cart of Gordias had an intricate knot tied on its shaft. An oracle prophesied that whoever untied the knot would become king of Asia. In time, the ox-cart morphed into a chariot of war, and readiness for war. Alexander the Great came to Gordium in his foray into Asia and Mesopotamia to avenge the suffering of the Greeks at the hands Xerxes. Alexander knew the legend, and ever desiring to add to his reputation as invincible, which served well his purposes, he confronted the so-called Gordian knot. Everyone knows his solution for the knot that had no beginning nor end that he could see to untie it. His sabre did the trick with one stroke, the Alexandrian solution.

Today we have the law of the hammer: put a hammer in the hands of an infant and everything wants pounding. Put a mighty army in the hands of an incompetent decider-in-chief and well, you see the outcome. Decider-in-chief, as he calls himself, simply means he is going it alone. No need to cast wide a net for ideas. “I’ll tell you what to do. I have the sole power to set the course. I’ll tell you again and again: I am the decider, and don’t you forget it!”

So we had shock and awe. The hammer fell. But as we since have seen, there should have followed a new shock and awe of political onslaught to stop the chaos of looting and the disbanded, enemy army with their weapons still in hand. The peace that the Iraqi dictator enforced by an iron fist to hold the factions immobile was lost for good and turned over to the criminals and ignoranti. The little man Bush had his preemption without prescience.

An intractable problem meets the would-be Alexanders. Maybe that is one way to go. The counter-intuitive new shock and awe to lock down that nation with the peace of a jail, as under Saddam, but with the twist that the new jailers will be more democratically minded, and in the peace form a peaceful society, protecting an infant civilization from the tribalism and sectarian evil with the new shock and awe of an invincible presence. That way has no chance now that the U.S. has turned against any further involvement in Iraq, does it? It would mean a draft, where every eligible male and female would face service, to build an army back to its invincible status. I believe that’s what a great nation would do. If our presence were invincibly powerful (and numerous), there would be geater safety for our service men and women.

“They” say “they” want to finish the job. Trouble is, they have no definition for “job” and “finish”, words easily rolling off the tongue but with no meaning. What is the “finish” desired, the tape at the end of the race to be broken by the “winner”? And what is the “job” which the workers will do and who are the workers? I have suggested a way for which we do not have the stomach, but it would be a “successful” way.

On the other hand, just leave, and let the situation play itself out as those people see fit. Turn it over to, what one group of young Iraqis said of the miscreants causing all the trouble, the ignorant and the criminals. The situation could be no worse that it is now.

Another solution is to go all over the world and call in our chits, what’s owed us for all we have contributed in the past to world peace, Hitler, Tojo, the Berlin airlift, Marshall plan, tsunami relief, and the list goes on. The world owes it to us to come to our aid. Every nation should send 5,000 soldiers to help lock down the situation in Iraq. That would be a diplomatic shock and awe to unleash on the criminals and ignorant so that Iraq could come clean and get smart. I believe that they are a fearless people to have to go out amidst those ignorant and criminal people to get their daily bread. They truly need help.

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