A Wild Hair #1: Unknown Effects

[A Wild Hair: like a weed, anything that grows outside of its proper, expected, or desired place. For me, it is an idea that pops up with no context for its being.]

The Earth belongs to a system and behavior of its own which we do not own and cannot in most senses control. But we can disrupt that system in certain ways. The minerals and other substances underground we can dig up and bring to the surface. Our cities are built from those materials that have been brought to the surface and piled high, in various architectural and amorphous forms. What is the weight of one city like New York City? Of all the cities large and small everywhere? How much do the oceans weigh when the ice is high in an ice age, or when the ice has melted with global warming? To take substances to the surface, away from their ancient, natural placement probably has some effect on the turning of the Earth on its axis, and consequently its seasons, and perhaps other dimensions of time and space. The moon is very slowly, but nevertheless, slipping away from its earth orbit, and its gravitational relationship with Earth. We may be gradually digging  the grave for future civilizations. Is there an underground alternative? Using what is there in situ?

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