The Wild Hair #2: Megaphone in Orbit

Fix an Earth satellite in stationary orbit over the Middle East. Load it with a mega-powered amplifier system and a timer system.Aim the blast of sound at the radical Muslim places on Earth. In their native language and a native sounding voice send some words as a voice from “up there”.

“Hear and obey the One you look up to. Say my name! (PAUSE) Hear and obey: KILL NO OTHER MAN, WOMAN, or CHILD. THAT IS THE LAW FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS. If you kill, you are a beast, and you will be slaughtered and fed to the worms.”

Or some such words that will effect an end to the killing in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Repeat at some interval, say once in the morning and once in the evening for several days. Then start another cycle after an interval of a week. Then wait to assess any progress. Have a second message that reports the pleasure or displeasure with the result. Some may cringe in fear, but some may start laughing themselves silly. Laughter is good, yes?

Perhaps you have some words you would have such a device cast down. I have no doubt that the audio technology exists to beam down to Earth a voice of doom from outer space.

(I remember that they had a hard time figuring out the symbolic communication they would put on an interstellar vehicle, in case it should be intercepted by life on other worlds. This might be as difficult.)

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  1. When I read, I tend to let my thought wander, but this article kept me focused. That’s a real feat. You did a good job.

  2. To produce an article on such a critical subject has needed to be done for years. I’m glad you took a stand to put your beliefs and ideals right here.

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