Encomium to WordPress


“Best Blogging Service: WordPress”, Computer Shopper (Nov., 2006) p. 76. So I signed up. What a great tool.

Free Whe-e-e-e!  I tried another earlier. Nah.  But WordPress, easy to use. Only a few small problems getting started, with the jargon. I do not understand the use of RSS, and a few other things, but I am amazed at the utility of this service. Computer Shopper was right.

Only one huge problem. This is addictive, this blogging. Sucks up a lot of time that I want to use elsewhere. And the stats show little interest in what I have to say. That’s what it’s about, isn’t it? It’s addictive because it’s a form of narcissism. I wrote an invited poem once for what turned out to be the vanity press, which was nothing more than a big industry for selling books. Is vanity something vain, empty or valueless, exaggerated self-love, inflated pride? Perhaps not.

There may be some of that, but in a democracy all people feel empowered through the internet to be heard on the issues. That is my urge to blog. Given the huge variety of human life, as varied as the shapes of life, the issues are as varied, global to petty, tragic to laughable, broad to narrow, brainy to idiotic, ancient to current, now and to the end of the universe, and the angles of vision are unimaginably complex. Tolerance, acceptance on the part of any one node is expected.

But I have a little discrimination. Language is certainly becoming diluted and losing meaning. For myself, I hope for better, not “worse” writing. Writing that will survive, rising above that complexity of expression to reach potentially larger audiences. Writing seems to have become quick, easy, and scatological, bother the rules. Speed and informality is prized. The old (classic, standard) rules, if followed, will take the message further abroad to wider audiences. The more obscure forms will survive only in little eddies that spin off from the mainstream into tiny pools that will dry up and become extinct. Clannish. Tribal. “With it”! Mature people have fossilized at the 10th grade level, it seems. Distant from the general, turbid, vibrant roar. If the writer’s opinion is valued by the writer, then a more standard diction needs to be a competency. English is becoming a lingua franca, a common currency. All who use the www should train up to it to package the message so anyone could understand it, and understand that any grossly deviant “mistakes” can make others roll their eyes and dismiss the writer.

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