Wild Hair #4: Names Honoring…

“JFD Jr.” That name honors my dad (deceased). Drop the “Jr.” and substitute “II” just to distinguish where I am in the line. How do/can I honor my mother (deceased)? In my name. I seldom knew her as “Helen”. Just “Mom.” Why not JFHD?

I am regretful. No, that’s not enough: ashamed, sorrowful. I wasn’t attentive. I wish a teacher of history  grade school, jr. hi., high school, at some time and several times over the course of my elementary and secondary education had required me to to pick the brains of my family and relatives and write a family history and then have me talk to the class about it,  as a lesson in historiography, family origins, writing, family communication, and “public speaking”. What a wonderful way to teach history! And many other things.

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