Criminals Doing Sickening Things

Not infrequently do we read the national headlines and hear on television of a criminal atrocity that makes our entire society almost literally sick to the stomach and heart, acts committed by bestial beings in our midst or prowling about when they should not have been. And they know who they are because they have their mottos carved on their brains if not on the skin of their arms. Nearly everybody thinks, put them to death by chopping of body parts one small inch at a time. Revenge! And cries for the death penalty. Thus are their deeds swept under the rug. And then there comes another sorry mess. And then next. And the next. Ad nauseam.

I believe there is a better way. What society does not have is a way not to sweep each incident under the rug. Out of sight, out of mind. The best punishment for the worst crimes is life without parole. A cell. Food. A toilet. A hard bed. Four walls. Books to read. Time to think of that o so brief rage that made them “happy”, with only one normal, inevitable end. Of what use is that to society but revenge?

What society does not have is this process. After the criminal is apprehended, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, and incarcerated, require each such criminal to be interviewed by the best person to elicit the details of the course of personal history that led to a sorry end for the innocents as well as the guilty. That’s not the end! Require also each lengthy interview to be transcripted for the use of a beat reporter who will fill a daily or weekly column with a summary of the salient information. Everyone must have the opportunity to read the true and complete story of the whole nasty affair and perhaps to understand the social “causes”, understanding that may feed into solutions for social problems. Society then can be more vigilant and prevent more innocents being destroyed.Society is not yet mature. The future of humanity lies in more mature societies. The process I describe may lead to a less infantile approach to crime, “ Kill ‘em and put ‘em out of our misery!”

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