Getting Out of Iraq

I know that the big problem is getting out of the Iraq war with some success. I know what one answer is. Our army could leave tomorrow if we had one thing in place. THE BIG WHAMMY! THE MIGHTY MOUNTAIN OF AN ORGANIZATION CASTING THE DARK SHADOW OF A DIRE THREAT OVER THE ENTIRE NATION OF IRAQ if it were not capable of maintaining itself in a state of peaceful, civilized, cooperative existence. The people of Iraq have demonstrated that they can be a fearless people in the face of all their fearful circumstances. In the election they came out in spite of their vulnerability to attack. And, presently, to go out to shop— get gas— go to worship— and other needs!! Fearful but fearless.

Something truly scary must be created to hang over the heads of everyone as they go about resolving the internal conflicts of their CIVIL war. We Americans fought their revolution for them. Must we now fight their civil war, too? Yes, civil war, which, by the law of history I proposed, is universally a direct consequence of any revolutionary war.
What, then, is that force? THIS: The United Nations must be mobilized to handle situations such as this. If every member of the United Nations were to be required to contribute manpower, the world coming together to assist the U.S. forces to resolve the issue of Iraq. A truly scary threat of power to compete with the terrorists’ reign. Their society needs to be “locked down” by such overwhelming force that they would have the peace of a jail for a while, an iron curtain (like the trade barriers that our nation’s infant industries required in our early history) in order to practice and solidify peace-bringing, democratic processes. To stop whatever allows all the murder by—they’re all criminals, no matter the banner they fly.

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