Regimentation of Society by Religion

What effect does religious regimentation have upon the deliberative mind? The question contains the answer which deals with two mutually exclusive terms; the answer is, “none”. Regimentation excludes deliberation. Deliberation cannot be regimented like a military unit. The deliberative mind is not regimented, does not have outside arbitrary authority ruling over it. The question gives rise to the next question: can the deliberative mind abide the regimented mind of religious belief? No, but the deliberative mind can deliberate religion. But I have not asked the primary question because I am too eager to leap forward beyond this question: does religious belief have a regimenting effect on an individual’s thinking? Yes. There is an ancient text, chapter and verse, dictating what must be believed, there are the organized authorities and charismatic figures that have the power to overrule individual thinking, and there is the phenomenon of childhood inculcation. Is that “inculcation” a form of brainwashing (coercive persuasion)? Obviously, yes. What is a child armed with to resist or question what is being taught?

If belief in a supreme being is held religiously, there is seldom anything to argue about, except my implied unbelief. From my point of view, there is much to be questioned about belief, especially in its organized state. My unbelief is questioned by the other side. Belief usually centers on the text that yields that belief. Unbelief usually centers on the questions raised by the science of observation and experimentation.

Do you “believe” in evolution? That is, take it on someone else’s authority, rather than on your own study? Evolution is not a matter for belief. It is, obviously, a matter of science. Once upon a time, that the earth was flat was a belief, as now, for many, because of the regimenting effect of religion, evolution is a matter of belief. Onward Christian soldiers!


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