Observations and aphorisms

The future is a huge, formless chunk of marble. Your voice is your chisel. Your will is your hammer. Ah, what to do? What to do?

Let’s face it. The way we act sometimes, the world is expendable. 

If one can say, “I am an idea man, intellectual, liberal, aggressive humanist, task-oriented but not without sensitivity to human relations, and an unfashionable perpetual minority of one in an age of anti-intellectualism, conservatism, passive theism, social-emotional business ethics and personal profit ghettos,” then such a person has no identity crisis, but has come through the wringer of self-definition with the help of many significant others and with the result of some equanimity of spirit and the ability to generate the alpha waves of alertness for — hmmmm.

Promiscuity. From a man’s point of view: Is one woman different enough from another in the mechanics or mystique to justify the choice of one female and then another and another, and another, ad feminum? 

Tragedies take place where protagonists do not see the inevitable consequences of the situation they create for themselves. What intervening force might save them? Could that force come from within the protagonist? And it is cultural conflicts at the center of most tragedies.

If you don’t get it, you haven’t got it. 

He is buried alive in his bias. Guess who! 

A simple model of pure democracy exists on the government-constructed streets at every government-marked, intersection stoplight.

Pres. Bush is a model of human behavior that succeeds in the short-term, but will be a model of behavior that will probably not succeed as an advantageous life form in the long term. What he did was, in a very short time,  alter the environment in which he succeeded to a disadvantageous one for him. Sort of like what human beings are doing with the global environment over a very long time. To see a larger advantage in personal behavior is a source of morality, which is learned as a perception of intelligence.

I believe that nearly everyone could put to good use a person who is a good quizzer who respects you and shows an interest in you, asking deep, probing questions that would help you find out where you are and where you want to go, defining who you are and what you are trying to do. Few, I have observed, are good at it. Poor models of questioning can be seen in television reporters interviewing people. There is always the half-assked question. Time does not permit!  More poor models are in the classrooms, teaching! 

I do not believe in evolution because I do not have evolution on faith.

What is the grand scheme of things? You must want to live. You must know how to stay alive. You must know, at the base, steady working conquers all. You must feel that the most basic genius is monstrous energy. 

Do you see better eye to eye than I to I?




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