Openness, Disclosiveness in Communication and Life History

When two people work in some joint venture, it may almost be a law of human nature that there will be prickly times. There is then only one successful solution, openness, complete open and frank exchange of views about their differences, with their kindly acceptance of an understanding, whether harmonious or discordant. However, there are also barriers to openness that may be almost impossible to surmount, the life histories of each making a high degree of the needed openness, frankness and disclosiveness  too difficult. To be or not to be disclosive and open gets entangled in the color, shade and hue of feeling of one for the other and the confusion of languages spoken. Male-speak. Female-speak. Husband-speak. Wife-speak. Friend-speak. Son-speak or daughter-speak. Boss-speak. Colleague-speak. Brit-speak. American-speak. Black-speak. White-speak. Elder-speak. Youth-speak. Wealth-speak. Celeb-speak. PhD-speak. Rap-speak.

Even if the would-be collaborators are demographically matched, the life-histories of conditioned learning will tend to pry them apart from their intended goal.

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