Luciano Pavarotti Mourned

In mourning Luciano Pavarotti, I can now only think of the unimaginable, immense pleasure and delight Pavarotti himself derived from the playing of his Stradivarius voice, even topping the excitement and enjoyment of his millions of listeners and admirers. Instantly recognizeable, distinct. I recalled what great things were said about the great tenor who died a hundred years before, Caruso. Probably the recordings do not do justice to Caruso, and the two cannot be compared. But Pavarotti was our Caruso. I respect the other tenors of the famous trio. I believe Pavarotti’s quality was a bit above them. But they and other tenors have great quality, too. The brilliance of Pavarotti’s voice throughout his range was unexcelled. I believe his girth provided support for his vocal performance, but I believe his girth was also the cause of his premature death. I wondered about his diet. I am only an amateur observer and would welcome a professional comment.

I went to an Italian restaurant that day. They were playing in the background Dean Martin’s pizza pie song. I said to the waitress that I was mourning Pavarotti who had died that day. “Oh.” “Do you know who he was?” “No.” “You should hear him.” “Oh.” She was young.

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