A response to mullah cimoc’s comment

On December 31, 2007 at 3:34 pm mullah cimoc Said:

mullah cimoc say aemriki not having him free press. for save ameriki nation usa people must to make new federal communication law:

1. each tv station and each the radio station must be own 100% by person live within physical area serve by tv station. this call the local ownership.

2. no single person to owning more than 1% of any one tv station stock certificate. this make the diverse ownership.

3. abolish him networks, abccbsnbcfox. then to letting local own station form own networks with power from bottom up (flow from shareholder to board of director to ceo), not him top down like now in usa.

4. this keep the free press and stop the rupert murdoch type man keep all ameriki so stupid if buy him corporation which to own so many station and newspaper and radio and keep ameriki the stupid people.

after follow mullah cimoc method benjamin frankling to be the proud.

for true info: stop1984now@yahoo.com

and also ameriki woman to stop be slut and not take LBT (low back tattoo) stop the meth, and stop to not smoke the cigerette, obey husband, the good mother to loving the chldren.

My response to him:

Your reform suggestions are interesting, trying to prevent monopolies that the FCC under the current administration (Republicans, Bush) want as part of their ideology favoring private enterprise to the detriment of fairness and the people’s ownership of the airwaves. I would be supporting such an effort.

As for your final items, I am seeing your ideology regarding women as “sluts” if they do some things that are their free choices in a free society, unless proven to be harmful to others. You have to scientifically demonstrate the harm exists. Tatoos on their bodies, how married people manage their relationships, and meet their parental roles are none of your business, and you may call them dirty names, if you are that kind of person. If you are such a person, I would condemn you for ignorance, not knowing the difference between matters of “taste”, of “private values of husband and wife relations(no punishment)and matters of public harm (smoking cigarettes, child abuse, etc. for which there are laws and punishment). I do not know if you live in the U.S. or not. If you do, it seems to me you have some lessons in citizenship to learn.

I understand a “mullah” is a religious leader. I also understand that you have expressed ideas that indicate you would have our government take on the character of a theocracy, where religion has captured the government and bends all behavior to its special and particular religious ploints of faith. What a tragedy if that should happen here.

Meth is illegal and the users will pay a penalty if caught. I take it that you are a Muslim adhering to the dictates of your faith.

Now you may preach those ideas and try to get them as principles of our law. LOTS OF LUCK!! It will not happen that you will interfere to such an extent in U.S. social behavior, I am confident. We are not on that track of development. If it SHOULD happen sometime in the future, due to your success at persuading the people, and your desired interruption of the secular development of our way of doing things, then you will have accomplished a monumental task. It won’t happen, I believe. Ever! And I believe the world is tending to increased secularization of all societies.

I found your diction and ideas interesting. Thank you for your comments.

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