The Ticket: Obama-Clinton, Clinton-Obama

As I thought, the two candidates looked awful good together in the debate of 1-31-08, and it is going to be a very difficult choice for nearly everybody. They appeared to be more in harmony with one another, chewing on their minor differences. I thought there’d be a question about it, and it was the final one. It was so obvious, I thought, and I’m not so damn unique.

I would like to see them run together, and it doesn’t appear to me at this time which is the top of the ticket. BECAUSE! Because I envision the offices of president-vice-president evolving into a co-presidency, sharing the ceremonials and legals. A different use of the office of veep may be in the offing. They can and should work more closely together in a division of labor and as an expansion of the checks and balances. No more shadow presidential functions, as at present, with Cheney a sinister figure in the background pulling levers of political action out of view.


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