Bull Hit on Day-One!

When is day one? The day after the inauguration? There is no day-one. Not the kind meant by the oft-repeated phrase. Okay, do not take it literally. Then when is it? The first week is day-one? If there is a day-one, it means a general readiness to deal instantly with what drops out of the sky into your lap. No newly minted President could or should commit to an instant deal. We should hope that our new President has a deliberative mind with a process that is second nature (habit) to deliberate, and that process contains two words, experience with the mental habits of a history of applying a deliberative process, and judgement which is the result of decision making. The questioners should have been asking about the candidates’ process of making decisions, asking about their operational definition of deliberating and making decisions, personal exemplary cases of their problem solving techniques. I heard the governor of Colorado, before he was elected, give such an understanding, unasked, of how he would operate the levers of power.

I have never heard reporters ask such operational questions. That’s why I do not like the intrusive presence of journalists in the campaign and election process. They have a historical sense that adds to their value in reporting. But they have become managers of the agenda. I was extremely excited when, during the debates, a candidate would wrest control of the process from the inquisitors. YEAH! Reporters have been suspect for many things. There is the oft-raised question, where were the reporters when the question of going to war in Iraq was being proposed?

Day-one is a myth. Has no definitive value. But it has been a big question.

Judgment is the balancing of alternatives. Judgment becomes more difficult with the increasing number of alternatives. (The more candidates there were at the beginning increased the complexity of our choice. The two that remain have reduced the complexity to black or white. Uh…. yeah. Or, male or female. (Hmmm. It’s still very complex.)

Day-one is a “Saturday Night Live” sketch.

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