To all who read this, pretend—

—you are a member of this class. For your term paper, which will be your final exam, you are to write answers to these two questions: (1) How many grandfathers do you have? (2) What is the name, or title, of this course of study? Write the answers as ‘COMMENTS’. I am hoping there will be some ingenious people responding and at least one genius, who gets it all.

An exercise for the Deliberative Mind.

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  1. You get an “A”. What is the length of a generation? 20-30 years. Divide the number of years since your nominee for the first human had a child by the length of a generation?

  2. Direct Gradndfathers…..2 Does it include great grandfathers…? Depends on the no of generations between the first human and my direct grandfather… Ans: 2*no.of generations….. And, my friend, everything’s maths….

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