The Hillary Pillory of Barack Obama: A Shameless Opportunist Is She (and McCain, Too)

Barack Obama is being pilloried by Hillary Clinton and John McCain for making what was, in my estimation, essentially

    a sociological assessment of small town life

in Pennsylvania. The statements he made were empirical observations, not loaded with the bad affect his opponents and gotcha journalists and commentators gave them.

Consider that there may not be a negative interpretation of what he said, which a rush to judgment by opponents has put out there.

Consider this: he is probably, almost certainly, more sensitive to race and gun issues in the U.S. than the white candidates (from our history). In his campaign trips around Pennsylvania, he obviously encountered something in the people he talked with that a bright, deliberative mind would be sensitive to, and something that a white woman candidate might miss. I believe he saw what could be termed a xenophobic provinciality—turned against him?— and he was cognizant of it, and reacted honestly to explain his special sensitivity. As President, such an awareness would mean that he could find some ways of confronting the special problem of small towns when government programs are implemented to assist them.

And Hillary’s (and John’s) opportunistic bent to cast what she can in the worst light for personal gain came to the fore. But any person who has an adequate critical mind should not be too quick to fall for the “feeding frenzy” of two opponents whose flip-floppery and opportunism may be suspect. Consider the source. Withhold judgment, in this case, until comprehension is complete.

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