Gas Prices and McCain Policy

Old Chinese proverb:

When the house is on fire, it’s too late to dig a well.

When will political leaders become practicing futurists? Looking beyond their natural time horizon, the next election, and taking principled action?


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  1. Josh:
    Unfortunately, I do not know how to do what you suggest in your above comment. I do not understand the “RSS” feed process. About some CPU procedures I am naive. I am doing other types of writing that take me away from some of the things I should educate myself about. ?????

  2. Tewnty-five years ago, I read a research report in the TTU library that it had been calculated that only 50 years of oil remained in the gtound world-wide. It was known then. Futurists have ways of knowing, and it is not by crystal balls. Future facts are ascertainable. People just need to expend an ounce of energy to go read the forecasts. Futurists do not predict. They forecast on the strength of empirical research. The legislators should have started “digging the well” many years ago. The Bushes and McCains are mere shrubberies. I would include Bill Clinton in that as well. And Detroit. And the buyers of Hummers. You get my drift.

    However, we might think now about what we will need thirty years hence. And, believe me, futurists are doing it, and it’s not Star Trekkie or Flash Gordon stuff. JD. 6/27/08

  3. And what action would you propose? Wind, solar, nuclear, shale, coal, etc. and why?

    As much as oil at $120/bbl seems expensive, are any of the above more economically viable? If a subsidy is required to be an economically viable alternative, who decides what is to be subsidized and why? Do futurist have a crystal ball and what will be the primary energy source in 2050? How do you know?

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