Hey there! You want good teaching? Listen up! PART II

To follow up on my previous essay, “Hey there! You want a good educational system? Listen up!” One simple teaching behavior in the classroom would encourage a fundamental student habit. The teacher usually does the talking, right?  Teacher talking should have students who are actively listening.  After the teacher has said something the teacher regards as important, the teacher raises his-her hand and, at that cue, the students should be encouraged to raise their hands and, when called on, say, “What I just heard you say was this:……….” The teacher raises her-his hand again to get a second rendition of the important point. The teacher might do this several times. Then the students vote on the most memorable paraphrase of the teacher’s point. Such a session will increae the students’ listening abilities, the retention of the important point, and the habit of active listening for the rest of their lives.

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