Obama Plays the Race Card?

No! Obama was looking at himself in a total view, after having been called “scary”. Commentators picked one nit out of context and inflated it to suit their myopic, partisan views.

What he could have been heard to say, if there had been no ulterior motive in the journalistic agends, is that Obama IS different, and he knows it, and different in many ways. He has been portrayed as scary because he is different: race, age, marital status—(has anyone heard the story of McCain’s dumping his first wife when he came back from his hell because she was fat?)social class, education, body type, cultural experience, etc. He is slim, highly educated, young, colored, articulate (beyond most of their tastes, apparently), product of poverty, married once (!), multicultural, charismatic, and other slice-and-dice demographic categories. Yes! He is different from those pictured on our currency. Twist that only to “racial card”, and you have failed the sniff test as journalist or pundit or politician or deliberative mind.

One indicator of McCain’s negative twist to all that is Obama is this. Obama said he looks forward to a duel with McCain on the issues. McCain’s response was to twist the “duel” metaphor with a literal interpretation involving murderous instruments like sabres. Perhaps he was trying to be funny. Everything with McCain is funny. He thinks ha-ha funny; I think peculiar funny, given the serious context in which those two are operating.

(By the way, those people in the media who conjugate “media” with a singular verb lack a basic knowledge of, and sensitivity for spoken English. I will take every opportunity I have to “prosecute” the media workers. We need to continue to be tough on people in the media on whom we rely for much of what we know. They let us down by their weak treatment of Pres. Bush going into the Iraq war. I continue to find talking-heads wanting in some of the basics of communication.)

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