T. Boone Pickens—

is the harbinger of things to come in the oil business. As I have always thought, oil people would start casting about for other means of their survival. They would seek other sources of energy because they are more conscious than anyone else of what was forecast 30-40 years ago (studies reported in journals I read at that time). Their sources of oil are playing out. The oil in the ground is going to disappear, and what remains will challenge their ability to recover it economically. Pickens sees his opportunity to get in at the beginning of new sources of energy. He’s now leading the race in a very public way, coming across as a saviour of the independence of the U.S. from foreign oil. His motive is profit, with the additional virtue of benefiting every American family with cheaper energy. The exodus has begun.

The wind towers will be drilling the air. The solar panels will be drilling the sky. And an oil man will survive, grandly. More power to him. And us!

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