The Game: Password. The Secret Words: “nuance”, “maverick”

The Game: Password. The Game: Political

The Secret Word: “nuance”

What words would you give as hints to your game partner?

What connotation, or undertone does it have?

So many tv news commentator-panelists have used that word as a description of a position statement of a candidate, mostly Barack Obama. The word is used almost exclusively by critics opposed to Obama. The journalist is implying that Obama’s position is too technically difficult and intricate for common consumption, too “elitist” and “intellectual”. Obama’s positions, it is implied, have tones, shades, gradations, fine distinctions, touches, or traces of meaning that are too far from plain spoken, everyday useage to be grasped by the people (the journalists). Listen for that word “nuanced” in journalist or critic reactions and tell me what you derive as the meaning implied.

I get the meaning that they think “nuance” is bad, improper, undesirable, overrefined.

The secret word: “maverick”

What words would you give your team-mate to elicit the secret word?

John McCain has had the maverick reputation.

John, what have you done lately for the good of the maverick cause? (Which is what?) In what have been a non-conformist? You certainly are conforming to the Bush causes, aren’t you? In what instance have you been a rebel? Rebels do not turn humorous in every serious engagement, or make light of the evils of tobacco, or gas economy. Rebels have more gravitas!

What is individualistic about you, John? Are you a particularly unconventional person? Haven’t your votes in Congress regularly followed the party line?

Are you now really performing like the maverick you are portrayed to be?

Come on, John! Give us a maverick performance! Turn on President Bush and call him the names he deserves! Turn away from the negativity you have thrown Obama’s way and re-institute your high-minded, positive credo you started with!

You are not “a refractory, or recalcitrant member of a political party who bolts at will and sets an independent course”. (My $50 dictionary) You are getting good mileage out of undeserved fuel.


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