The Pick of Joe Biden for VEEP

I am on the record for (long ago) having known that Biden was the man. (I had also preferred Al Gore as an equally perfect pick.) My and my wife’s good judgment has been validated.

Does the pick by Obama show Obama’s weakness in his experience? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Obama wanted to install in the workings of the White House, the Executive Branch, robust and healthy debate, not crony yes-men or shadowy presidents. With Biden, being his own man owning deeply supported information and wisdom, a forceful and decisive speaker, Obama was getting just what he wanted and just what a superior President must have. That’s showing a strength, NOT A WEAKNESS, of an Obama presidency. Such a state of affairs was a void in the Bush regime. Obama wants an equal debating partner to prepare the best case for presentation to the legislators.

Biden is another aspect of CHANGE which is Obama’s theme. Change must be based on high intelligence of a long past to draw upon. The Democrat team now has both.

If people continue to see something “foreign” in Barack Obama, I believe that that word is a euphemistic proxy for a racist viewpoint.


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