John McCain – Poseur

-cheapening his Mt. Rushmore pose by his advertising. Regarding that pose, I think it is not fitting for a “straight talker”, as he has styled himself in this campaign, to have a gaze as if here were contemplating heroic heights rather than the straight-talker’s eye-to-eye. Contradictory.

In addition, the pose is executed in such a way that it will tend to de-emphasize his age. Is that ageism of another sort? Showing that he is heroically ageless?

The “My friends” form of address is purely self-delusional that everyone of his listeners is his friend. Does the audience have to be a friend to be addressed? No. Would he still say that if he were addressing the head of a state not our friend, or a democrat? That habit does not translate to any other context beyond his talk with Republicans.

John McCain also styles himself as a “maverick”. As McCain has operationally defined it, the label means “quirky”, “unpredictable”, a peculiarity of behavior eluding prediction or suppression. How would he operate in the oval office or on the world stage if people could not depend on him to perform as they expect him to and not do something they are not prepared for, that they must disavow and take no responsibility for this idiosyncratic President.

Cancelling the first debate on some false pretext?

I am sure he was embarrassed to answer the question about how many houses he owns, because it would destroy his delusion that he can identify with the voters who have only one house, perhaps in foreclosure. That question embarrassed him. “I’ll have my staff get back to you on that.” And I am sure that he knows he does not have competent command of the debate format and the topics to be debated, for his element is the town-hall meeting, rather a formless session with no opposition.

I also think his choice for a running-mate was very impulsive. And, yes, “quirky”. It’s his nature. She should not have been dragged into this race. She is totally out of her safe depth at the shallow end of the pool.

His behavior during this bailout controversy, to use its disturbing nature as his excuse not to debate, a fortuitous for him, face-saving event, has gone against his slogan, “country first”; I see it as “politics first”. During this past week, his attempts to keep up with his own rapidly changing positions has kept everybody’s head spinning, as judged by my watching the television pundits and his campaign spin-masters.

To try to account for his quirkiness and temper, I tried to explain to my satisfaction where those elements of his behavior come from. Could his captivity have enhanced his temper at such captive situations forcing disciplined talkas the debate format? It may account for his hostile and deceptive, political attack-ads, as well.

I do not know for sure, but there is something there that has made him want to postpone the Friday debate. He definitely does not have the knowledge nor skills to lead this nation.

The best metaphor for a desperate politician? The chameleon. Crossed with a fox. And both think to get away with it.

If you have done something great? People will know it. Great performers do not have to blow their own horn


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