John McCain: Country First? I don’t think so.

You, sir, are approving warped messages. “I am John McCain, and I approve this message.” That must indicate that you are, yourself, warped. Your desperation is so great that it is obvious that you have forgotten your country. This country has its ideals. Odd that somebody feels the need to lecture you, YOU, OF ALL PEOPLE! The democratic process is being sabotaged by your nastiness in political advertising. The process involves discussion and debate to resolve social problems. It is a peaceful process, but you have turned it into verbal warfare and have thrown dangerous incendiary devices into the arena.

You have exploited your heroism in war for purposes other than patriotic duty. You distort the messages loaded with hate mongering. You disrespect your main opponent, designated with contempt “that one”. You turn loose onto the world stage of our politics a neophyte who argues not from reason, but from incitement to dangerous acts through ad hominem argument from your model, who makes audiences into beasts shouting criminal acts, and who is lampooned in SNL parody–very funny! You make wild proposals that break over our heads like bombshells. You put much stock in your self-styled labels which evoke the image of an unbranded range animal, or which can also have the meaning of obtaining something by questionable or dishonest means. You make jokes of serious things. You began your effort with a grand illusion; you are ending your effort with the deflation of your grandiose aim to run a clean and honorable campaign. Your message is bankrupt of ideas. I think it has to be that you revered the present president who managed a regime destitute of understanding what this nation must be, a beacon of justice and honorable pursuits, liberty and democracy, and all those ends promised in the Preamble to our social contract.

“Maverick” hell! You are more like a rogue elephant, normally a beast the symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures, famed for their memory and intelligence, but you have strayed from and lost the herd instinct, our solidarity around what good this nation represents. Your sleazy ads do not do us honor.

I believe that you have tarnished the shining image you once had. It is my hope that you will go into retirement along with the president you so lovingly embraced.

I really hesitated a long time to post this entry. It says very harsh things. However, I so much detest what you have done to corrupt honest discussion and debate, the lifeblood of our system, and so I must, sadly, put this out there.

I asked someone, “Do you think John McCain has gone nasty?”

She said, “Yes.”


“He’s scared. He sees the handwriting on the wall.”

I remembered Belshazzar’s Feast (William Walton), the writing on the wall,

Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin

(The days of your kindom are numbered. You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.)

Belshazzar had used vessels sacred to another people to toast his gods, and shortly he was destroyed.


I believe democracy is one of those “sacred vessels”. I believe democracy needs everyone who claims to live  through it must become a democracy watchdog.


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