I Am Extremely Curious About This: Foxes and Little Boys

The neighbor behind us has built a nice little play-yard, which abuts our property. A small fence separates us. Occasionally, a fox will come through our back yard. I happened to look out yesterday and saw a fox entering our yard from the neighbor’s play yard. I saw a very small, towheaded boy behind the fox as if he were chasing the animal. I thought, a fox is a wild animal. It would be dangerous for a small boy to be chasing a wild animal. The fox proceeded behind the trees and foliage which line our back fence. Then he jumped to the top of the six-foot fence where a 2×6 acts as an elevated highway for squirrels, foxes, doves and who knows what else. I saw him walking down the fence line and away. I hope he comes back; we have a rabbit problem, eating out large patches of our grass down past the roots, and then squirrels wallow in the dirt for their baths. I like my yard to look nice; I have a constantly annoying problem.

I phoned the parents and told the father what had happened. He seemed pleased to know it.

But I am extremely curious about how the father handled the situation with his son. He has to teach the boy respectinstill a little healthy fear for the unpredictable wildness of foxes, without making the boy fearful of playing in his backyard. He must never again chase after foxes, and know why.

The fox will return.

I am extremely curious how he handled that problem. How would you do it?

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