America, or the United States?

We are Americans. So are the Mexicans. So are the Canadians. So are citizens of all the nations of the Americas. Aren’t they? What right or privilege do we have to arrogate to our use that word as if we were the only Americans on Earth? I think it is our lazy short-hand for “United States”, but it does slight others who may claim that designation and prefer we would not define their identity by our criteria. Are we to claim qualities for our identity that we would also ascribe to those other Americans not resident in the U.S.? Are we going to continue to override their national identity with those cultural, social, and political characteristics or qualities we claim for ourselves? In my experience with the word, America, every time I see it used for U. S. purposes, I can empathize with others in American nations feeling that the U.S. has been abysmally insensitive.

You may put my argument in that class called “political correctness”. To me, PC is actually cultural astuteness. That is the basic, required intelligence, the wisdom of democracy as collective action, for this global economy which precedes the global political process which, I predict, is to follow — will certainly follow.

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  2. Sensational material! I admire your hard work and the effort you put into your research and writing. I stand in agreement on nearly every point.

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