Colin Powell on Obama, McCain and Palin

Colin Powell’s analysis and justifications indicate an unusual insight into the inner qualities of Barack Obama as opposed to his puzzlement at the eccentric behavior of John McCain. Powell has been mis-represented by McCain supporters, using the ancient rhetorical technique of “minifying” him, and in modern lingo, “marginalizing” him. What else are they to do if they are not going to assassinate his character. Maybe that’s next. Powell is a military man and understands the fight he has joined.

Powell has magnified his ethos in speaking against what has gone wrong in our political culture, and as he is pilloried for his endorsement, he will regain some credibility lost in his role in the run-up to th war against Saddam Hussein. Of course, his person will be minified and devalued by those very people he has turned against for doing great wrongs to this political process. Let them stew in their own juices. We should care about Powell’s preferences and cautions in this election.

Powell sees ignorance in truth corrupted for personal gain. How far McCain, the so-called “hero”, has fallen!

“A man’s wisdom is most conspicuous where he is able to distinguish among dangers and make choice of the least.”

McCain has become a world-class liar, as he endorses them in his ads.


  1. Suddenly because Powell is endorsing obama he is not as evil as he used to be? Yet, Powell was the one encouraging the Iraq war claiming they had WMD. Anyone with intelligence knows that Powell is endorsing based on race.

    98% of black people are voting for obama just because he is black. White people are split between obama, nadar, and McCain. Think about it.

    The truth is this is a race campaign. The Democrats control the senate and congress and have the lowest approval rating in US history. The Democrats couldn’t even beat Bush in the elections thus why they are going after the black vote in the US, about 45 million blacks. Thus, why obama voted present over 130 times, avoided the tough issues, and never challenged his party leaders on senate to preserve his political career. Only 143 days on state senate when he decided to run for office.

    The Democrats lost because the US is not a socialist/communist system. Americans fought against Nazi Germany, their socialist party, and communist USSR for decades, just to name a few.

    Again, Clinton supported deregulation and introduced FTAs like NAFTA. That is why the US economy was strong during his administration. McCain also supports deregulation and fights for FTAs like NAFTA. These initiatives will help our economy. Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

    US businesses create US jobs. obama wants to limit the growth of US businesses, which is limiting the growth of US jobs. If you increase tax on US businesses they will either just relocate to a lower tax country taking American jobs with them, pass the added tax cost to consumers or go bankrupt. GM and Ford can barely compete globally and obama wants to tax them more. The smaller businesses that are reliant on GM and Ford will also be greatly affected, destroying more US jobs.

    The US is the land of opportunity not the land of equal outcome. Why should government take your money and give it to people who are already on welfare to spread the wealth?

    What Caused Our Economic Crisis?

  2. I will let your drivel stand as stated, for others to see the warped reasoning process of those like-minded people who stand against Obama’s platform with words like “black”, “liberation theology”, “Marxism for black people”, “your money”, “extreme leftist”, “pimps”, “government programs”, “intervenmtions”, and more “black people”. Words and phrases heavily laden with meaning and affect characteristic of pre-judgment. You could not define those words and phrases very easily; they are shibboleths for identifying members of an in-group of radical true believers, whose ideology has little basis in demonstrable fact, something true only because they say it is true. Words as shorthand for, “you know what I mean, my fellow wingnuts, you know” (dig-dig, wink-wink). It is obvious to me this person has a problem with “blacks” in general. This is also a demonstration of what the more intelligent voters are up against. I do not believe they can be reasoned with. I assume they are not salvageable. I wonder who their teachers are. I say “they” because this comment comes from a group of like-minded people who hang together and all speak these code words. This person is not an independent thinker. This use of language as a cudgle to beat hated people over the head with code words comes from a gang held together by great fear of certain out-groups to be looked down upon for any power they have or are trying to get. The whole comment smacks of ignorant fear and hate.

  3. No surprise. About 98% of black people will be voting for Barack Obama. Yet, ironically they are the ones who are complaining about racism.

    Obama is no Bill Clinton. Clinton is a de-regualtor just like John McCain. Clinton was the one who introduced NAFTA, which McCain supports.

    Obama is more of a extreme leftist. $1 trillion in new spending, more government programs and interventions, sending welfare checks to 45% of the 95% of the people in his tax plan because 45% of those people don’t even get taxed.

    Politicians like Obama are such pimps. They promise to spend a trillion dollars on you, but they don’t tell you that they are using YOUR MONEY!

    Obama’s Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxism for black people, the foundations of Communism. Even Bill Ayers was an extreme leftist.

    Our economy is very important, McCain is better for our economy. I hope people get educated before they vote.

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