Mr., → Prof., → Sen., → Pres.→ Obama, STOP!

Stop borrowing Reagan’s “trickle” metaphor. You are on the verge of getting your own, but you’ll have to take one more step!
This is a melting pot we live in. Look at the pot, where many disparate groups of identities are mixed in the stew of this society. Multifarious communities make up this society, and no one knows better than you. Where is the heat applied? At the bottom, of course. And what happens inside, at the bottom? Bubbles form. Bubbles of gas pop to the top. And what’s in the pot melds, bonds, joins, blends, merges, every ingredient contributing to the final product, the savory stew that is us, the U.S.

Now look at the “trickle” notion that branded Reagan’s economics. “Trickle” does not come from the bottom. “Trickle up”— NO! Trickle comes from up and moves by gravity down. It is an apt metaphor for those who see authority crushing down from the top onto the communities below. It’s authoritarian, totalitarian, fascistic. Despotic, undemocratic, repressive, tyrannical, demanding. An apt description of Republican approaches. Kill big government and substitute the unbearable weight of the economics of wealth crunching down on top of those middle and poverty classes below.

The blunt force trauma of wealth on the children of the wealthy can account for some of the problems of rich kids, but even more, if greed is good and greed gets goods, and that drive for wealth operates at the expense of the majority, then, yes, change we can believe in is needed, NOW! A new politics; a new economic policy.

No, Mr., → Prof., → Sen., → Pres.→ Obama, your life story bubbled up from the bottom of the pot, and you should be touting, not a borrowed metaphor (which doesn’t make sense), but your own brand of economics and democracy THAT BUBBLES UP FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE MELTING POT. It’s a simple but big change, stamping your own brand ® on economics and politics.

I HAVE PRES. OBAMA DOWN AS (to use a grammatical construction) ⇒ THE FUTURE-PERFECT PRESIDENT; he will be satisfied and happy next year at this time with what he will have done.

Please, somebody, get the message to him!

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