From Bush to Obama to —

We have had eight years of policy gone horribly wrong in the rape of government under the guise of a “trickle-down” economic ideology. Eight years of economic self-service. The only political ideology was “preemption” and “small government”, under the influence of which came war and “outsourcing” of government services.

The ship of state took on a list to the right that threatened to capsize the vessel when the bilge pumps stopped working. The crew in Congress was deadlocked and the flotsam and jetsam in the hold mounted. But now a new crew of engineers have come aboard to repair the bilge pumps and clear the debris to “right” the ship.

The new captain is not white. He is not black. He is race neutral, and that is where, for the first time, we should all be. He is neither old nor young. His wealth is his serenity and intellect at the helm. In global experience, he has navigated many ports of call.

We are all passengers setting out on a world cruise with him in the wheel-house. I feel confident.

I thought of this limerick, and it may seem odd to you:

There was a young man from Carew,
who found a mouse in his stew.
Said the waiter, “Don’t shout
and wave it about,
or the others will want one, too.”

Odd? Yes, but not in the context I give it. Obama is the first head of state in the western world who is not white, it has been observed. Now that that road-block has been removed by the exemplar of Obama, any sort of hindrance to having black presidents in other democracies may now disappear.

(I admit, it’s an odd connection.)

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