I said to my wife, “Wife!” I said—

This morning I said to my wife, “Wife!” I said, “Wife, is there anything about you I don’t like?” Then I said, “Wife, let me think. There must be something.”

I thought and thought.

“I can’t believe it, wife, that you are perfect. In spite of what everyone thinks about me, wife, I am not perfect.”

I thought hard for a while.

“Wife, there is one thing. When you make coffee, you crumple up the little paper coffee filter and put it aside. I always find it right where you left it on the counter, just a short reach one pace from the waste basket, and I throw it in, every day.”

No response.

“You just want me to feel wanted and needed. That must be it. I’ll never fail you, ever, wife.”

I guess there just isn’t one thing I don’t like about my wife. But I tried.

So the election season is over and the avalanche of issues to write about have disappeared.

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  1. Improbable article as at all times, I am significantly contemplating something along the strains of an affiliate part by myself website… so very timely post.

  2. This is a gem. — Cheers from Elizabeth, who feels pretty much the same about Conrad, after forty-eight years.

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