Blagojevich, Illinois Governor — What Obama Should Do—

— at his news conferences. Upon receiving questions from the press about the Obama’s part in the Illinois governor’s wanting kickbacks for an appointment to fill Obama’s Senate seat, Pres-Elect Obama should say this:
“If you put that issue above the urgency of the questions about the economy, the war, the inadequacy of health care in this nation, among other more pressing problems, then I will ask you to stay after class — uh, uh — this news conference when I will gladly answer any and all questions on that issue, in a post-mortem irrelevant to me and the real issues before this nation. Simply, I have had nothing to do with “that one”, but whatever you need to ask I will give answers.

I have also added to my seating chart of the reporters at these news conferences a grade for the quality and topic of each question. My staff and I will confer on the assignment of that evaluative statement, and I will be guided by that chart in my taking of questions. Hollywood has its “A” list, “B” list, and so forth. So will we hold you accountable just as you hold us accountable. But the real important communication will take place in the Pre-Mortem.

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