The Captain AHABs of the U.S. Economy in Congress: REPUBLICANS!

Wherever they are, wherever and whenever they speak, their only economic policy pursuit: cut taxes! The past eight years. The next eight years. Then. Now. Forever. It’s monomaniacal (“mental derangement restricted to one idea”)!

Captain Ahab, in the great American novel, Moby Dick, or, The White Whale by Herman Melville, could not be deflected from his pursuit of the monster white whale. You know Ahab’s fate. The Republicans’ insistence on tax cuts is their Great White Whale. The Republicans are that deranged. Everything can be solved by tax cuts. Leave more money in society. Don’t take it out in taxes.

I heard Sen. Jim DeMint (Republican, Joint Economic Committee) say it. I expected it, as the discussion progressed on George Stephanopoulos’s Sunday morning program, and then I heard it. (Jim demented.) But Barney Franks sharply, convincingly rebutted DeMint. It wasn’t hard. Just plain, reasoned good sense.

This metaphor of Ahab, the monomaniac pursuing Moby Dick, to the destruction of his crew and ship and himself, perfectly expresses my assessment of our current economic crisis, its causes and its status.

It began with Reagan: “…government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” And he proceeded to emasculate government, to denigrate what is the hope of vast numbers of citizens for justice, safety, security, and all those promises in the Preamble to the Constitution. Reagan gave the self-serving among us that shibboleth of ultra conservatism, lapel-pin flags, trickle down economics, deregulation, union-busting, the values feint, and so on. What is so amazing is that the people who had most to lose from such policies lapped it up, voting against their own best interests. Ultimately, I see the Republicans as ugly creatures created by ignorant voters. I fault the citizens who lack intelligent discernment involving code words calling for acts that have consequences the gullible do not foresee.

That is the essence of “ideology”, Republican ideology, which favors ideas that have expressions that bear no relationship to the truth. You have to be smart to be a citizen in a democracy. The educational system was developed to be the guardian of the democratic process which is seated in government. The government system is not the problem. The establishment that takes charge of the government can be the only source of any problem. Reagan demagogued it and gave us his legacy of lies, swallowed whole by the type of people who wanted their own personal gain to prevail over the general welfare.

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