The Beach-Masters of Bonus Bucks in the AIG Bailout

Get the picture? They say they have talent, to be prized. What kind of talent generates toxic assets and makes the firm and their kind look like fools? One commentater made the comment that makes the most sense to me: Never chase investments with capital. Chase ideas for production. Or words to that effect. Creative talent they might have had was turned to finding a new wrapper for garbage, as an investment that needed to be sent to a toxic waste dump.

To continue my naughty-cal theme, as a metaphor:

The boy stood on the burning deck,
eating peanuts by the peck.
The flames rose clear up to his chin,
but he kept cramming peanuts in.

Get the picture?

I wish I had an appropriate paraphrase. I feel the pinch in my assets attributable to those kinds of beneficiaries of our national stress. I hope to hear the news of a response from government that those bozos will, in some way, feel some punishment. They have no conscience, which is a manifestation of an ideal self-concept. They should only see in themselves something venal. Talent to be rewarded, indeed! But venality does not void contracts when it really should.


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