To All People Who Report the Weather—

We want to know what the weather is, yes. But a meteorologist should also make us understand the weather, n’est-ce pas?. We are always informed but seldom instructed in the weather dynamics. I remember a forecaster in Chicago who would do just that, exlpain it! (And, by the way, he had a “Vice-President in Charge of Looking Out the Window”. If I remember right, his name was P.J. Hoff. However, he did the weather with a lot of art work. Clouds were puffs of cotton, etc. Now, all that is electronically generated.)

Maybe you do not have time to give of your knowledge base, Mr. or Mrs. or Miss Weatherperson Forecaster, n’est-ce pas?. But I think the weather is more than what you say it is, n’est-ce pas?. We would be more impressed with your ability if you revealed some of the dynamics of weather and its various phenomena, history, and longer future, what lies ahead in the bigger picture. Can you do that? You have not done it so far. You are all Al Rokers, turning the job over to what’s in our neck-of-the-woods.

Are you a METEOROLOGIST or are you not? That claim of professional credentials is made only by certain designees for that title and cannot be claimed by mere reporters. If you do not do the “whole job” then we know we cannot ever expect the full report, n’est-ce pas?. But you could call in the true experts and interview them, and that would be just as good, n’est-ce pas?. Get one on regular call! I would like the full story. There are more facets of the weather than you customarily report, n’est-ce pas?.

For instance, I think “FORE-casting might look to the coming Fall and Winter seasons. Does the current long record of above-90s heat, day-in-day-out portend anything about the upcoming seasons? Will there also be extremes in freezing, in the other direction on the temp gauge? Can you look that far ahead? How far can FORE-casting go into the future? What can we expect? Is the current heat related to global warming, or to anything going on with the Sun spots or flares or a magnetic polarity switch?

By the way, Mr. Roker! For a long time, you have been using that phrase —”In your neck of the woods”— a very old saying. Other weather forecasters have treated you and “it” like you have a patent on those particular words in that particular order. So, where’s your imagination? Like the weathercaster whose job you took has the centenarians on Smucker’s jam-jars as his schtick, you should have yours, using that phrase, n’est-ce pas?. Have people who actually live in necks-in-the-woods send you a picture of the particular neck-of-the-woods they happen to inhabit, and you show them in your segment of the program! That’s an order, AL!

All reporters know this about their profession: W W W W W H. The five W’s and the one H. In the lead paragraph of most stories. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Now attach that to your weather reporting, which begs a lot of questions about the weather, TO GET THE FULL STORY! Educate us about your specialty. Or do you believe that you’d be working yourself out of a job? Can’t happen! You still perform a vital function for mothers taking kids to school. Commuters. Vacationers. You name it!

Most neglected: the dynamics about that coming snow storm, hail storm, tornado, rain storm, etc., how formed, how it knows where to go and where to dump, and the why of it at this season. I could go on. For example, portents in the shape of clouds. You get the picture. I will be looking for that far-more-than-usual-or-expected reporter who graces the channel I’d prefer for my weather report. Okay? Knock yourself out!


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