Carly, the Fired Cheerleader Coach, an Interesting Phenomenon

Carly was fired from her position as a coach of cheerleaders at a high school because nude photos of her were widely circulated. Her morality was questioned. She appeared on a Thursday (4-24-09) interview on a national tv network, when she produced another phenomenon. She has “tin-lizzie” speech. I have noticed a significant number of occurrences of such a speaking habit. I think it generally involves young adolescent girls. I think Carly is an old adolescent girl. (Remember the “Valley Girls”?)

Remember the “tin lizzie”? It was an endearing name for the Ford Model T. Remember what was one important characteristic of that car? It had no starter. So why is Carly one of the “tin-lizzie” bunch? She has no starter. She has to have a crank-start. Tin Lizzies had to be cranked up front to get them going. What is Carly’s crank, as I have heard in a number of others being interviewed on tv? “Um,…..” Carly began every sentence with “Um”. Except her last one, which was a “Thank you” at sign off.

Watch for it! You’ll see (hear) it.

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