Piracy in the Economy

How can people serve in a government that they are of a mind-set to starve, strangle, and deprive of its life-blood? That is their motive. They want to sink the ship of which they are the mutinous crew. If you want to isolate and capture a gang of such murderous pirates, look no further than the Federal government and its Republicans. PIRACY is what they are about. Their vessel-boarding war-cry is, “TAXES! Kill the taxes!” Their monomania is to steal all the tax booty on board and dump it overboard.

Or in the boardrooms of the captains of the auto industry, “Pension Plans! Raid the pension plans! Kill retirement benefits!”

Financial piracy is everywhere, threatening the economy.

On the Rhine River lived the Robber Barons, in their castles on the high hills bordering that major stream of commerce. They frequently raided those barges centuries ago and took what they liked. Each a law unto themselves.

Piracy. And the robber barons of today are alive and well. Republicans. Captains of industry. Wall Street financial inventors of toxic assets, investments in money schemes to hi-jack the economy, and. Presidents Bush and Reagan and their Republican pirates in Congress. Add in the credit-card moneylenders charging unconscionable rates of interest with fine-print rules for jacking up rates at the drop of a day. They are the true villains of our world drama.


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