Health-Care Reform, 2009, and Credibility

Be careful! Be warned! The huge problem right now is the credibility of all those who are coming up with figures to fund health care in the U.S. We should not easily, automatically, grant credibility to any politician, senator or representative, nor any TV pundit or government bureaucrat. Credibility must be earned by demonstration. To whom shall we respectfully listen, and to whom shall we grant authority to put a figure to the cost to us for our health system?

How might that required credibility be demonstrated?

To satisfy me? Not the “Republican plan” for lowering cost! Not the “Democrat” plan for spreading availability! I want a general understanding of the sources of the cost estimates. I want to know how the figures are arrived at.

Credibility can only be demonstrated one way.

I want to see a systems analysis in the form of a FLOW CHART of the health-care system as it exists before reform, and a second FLOW-CHART analysis of the system and its costs, and how the costs are to be funded, to be proposed as the reformed system of health care. A side-by-side comparison. Commissioned by the President, or by Congress. Explained by the President in his inimitable way. NOW YOU’RE COOKING WITH CREDIBILITY! There’s no better way! (Don’t hold your breath!)

A system is a collection of functions. The FLOW CHART requires the specification of all functions of HEALTH CARE. The FUNCTIONS must be articulated; that is, shown in a relationship one to the other. I have analyzed a system of education with an exemplary FLOW CHART elsewhere on this blog. (See on the Blogroll to the right the caption “Systems Analysis of Education”. Sheer genius! The hard-work kind.)

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