“Single Payer or Bust!”

Go to this web site, to read where the rubber gloves meet the road,
championing the single-payer system:

I copied this definition from their website:
“Single Payer: a system of payment that redirects current health care monies, both public and private, into a single public [coffer? strongbox?] that covers everyone.”


“Single Payer or Bust”


Everybody In! Nobody Out!
Town Halls. Videos. D.C. White Ribbon Rally!
Media. Motor Home. Blog. Care-A-Van.
Theme Song. Mad Logo and Press Kit.
Meet the Docs.
Our Route.
The Plan.
What We Want.

Please go to that web site for much more. I am personally unhappy with the lack of leadership in the drive for health care for all, in the spirit of those docs. in the spirit of Ed Schultz. I am thinking of people close to home, like my sons. I believe that the burden that falls on business to provide health care is a drag on small business. I think that all small businesspeople would benefit from a single-payer system. Everyone knows that small business is the largest part of all business. The nation is being woefully retarded by big-business health insurance. Those are the facts in a nutshell as I see them. I think, what a reign of ignorance in this society. Very sad!

I hear the name “Eric Cantor” and I am mad as hell.

I hear the name “snake in the grass Grassley” and I’m mad as hell.

I hear the name “Max-imize Medical Profits Baucus” and I am mad as hell.

Put those with the others of the coalition of Dems, so-called “blue-dogs” and
you have government people with the power to make laws that favor
a health-care-for-capitalistic-profits system.

Venal. Salable. Mercenaries. And their constituents who put them there are also responsible for the miseries those venal Congresspeople have caused. Never forget the people of those insane societies who select venal people to speak for them. They have perpetrated a grave error that must be corrected as soon as possible. Those “venals” in Congress want their pockets lined!

No matter who dies!

No matter who suffers excruciating pain from illnesses and diseases
as they languish in beds without physician care.

Our society has produced health-insurance moguls who are the ugliest monsters which no horror movie could ever conceive.

The Mayo Clinic has just come out in favor of the public health care option.

Our ship of state must begin to turn and sail against the anti-single-payer forces.


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  1. Thank you! It is so exciting to see single payer get time on blogs, facebook, twitter, even if the big media and congress are mostly ignoring it! Don’t let them!

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