An Explanation of “Villainy” and “Heroism”

Relative to the health-care issue, there are two opposing factions. One is taking the role of the villain, and the other is taking the hero’s role. The villain will exploit, diminish, and minimize, or in some fashion enslave another person or persons for the villain’s own advantage. The hero’s acts exalt and maximize the others’ well-being.

The heroic act usually involves some greater or lesser element of self-sacrifice, to an ultimate extreme. Most of us most of the time are not heroes. Ask what the two opposing parties have to gain or sacrifice in their pleadings for or against the single-payer, Medicare-like form of health-care reform. Isn’t it crystal clear that one party has taken the villain’s position, and the other the heroic decision? Dissemble all you like, but the payoff of the Republicans’ stance against the Medicare-like (which, to me, is something more than the so-called “government option”) system of single-payer health care for all in the United States HAS BEEN SUBSTANTIAL.

But when this issue is eventually resolved, one way or the other, the basic problem of the politics in this instance will continue in all the issues that will follow. The Republicans have grossly disfigured their way of conducting the nation’s business. The health-care issue has put on Republicans, their party, and their blue-dog Democrat lap-dogs the mark of Quasimodo, king of the fools. Poor saps, they, and those who praise them, will have been elevated to the seat of scorn and shame for their historical ugliness as they continue to think of themselves as beautiful and wise. Their venality is contained in their re-election coffers.

The supporters of the single-payer plan are those who dutifully pay their taxes knowing that their burden now will be greater having taken on an obligation to provide health care for all U.S. citizens under all circumstances. That we might consider to be a form of everyday heroism that is so widespread its story will not be told, the masses of the able picking up their part of the tab for the unable. It would be one substantial fulfillment of the General Welfare promise made in the Preamble to our social contract. Yes, one promise made by the Constitution toward the General Welfare of all citizens has “socialized” good health. A vision of a more perfect union has been “socialized”.

NOW! ONWARD TO EDUCATION! To a nation that is both HEALTHY and SMART!


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  1. Some excellent ideas. Jogged my memory of some issues I know and different ideas which I may try. Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks! It will significantly help a beginner like me.

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