Are Republicans Irrelevant? No!

Republicans are not merely irrelevant. Republicans are shot-through with AGGRESSIVE IRRELEVANCE. They practice “aggressive irrelevancy”. Their flooding of townhalls with irrelevant rabble-rousing. Birthers. Deathers. The non-viable healthcare “cooperatives”. The “You lie!” heckler’s veto. They will say and do anything to delay or obfuscate or defeat any reform that looks like Medicare-for-all or any appearance of success by Democrats and Pres. Obama.

All the deadly viruses and parasites are not “microscopic” life forms that can kill you.

I hope you saw Keith Olberman’s “Special Comment” on health care, 10-7-09. If you did, give yourself a gold star for good citizenship on your forehead where everybody can see it and ask what it’s for. Then you can engage them on the topic.


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