My Comment on My Page, G.B. Shaw’s “Preface to Androcles and the Lion”

I am not happy for the people who have found Jesus. I believe such true believers may let their Jesus crowd out all other opportunities for intellectual and emotional growth and for reading about the natural world instead of the supernatural and preternatural worlds, for instance. Their usual concerns swing between god and the devil; if they should stop swinging, their feet would touch the earth again for the natural experience of science. I did it. I used to take my religion very, very seriously. O, how I prayed! How I debased myself! But it became impracticable.

I once heard a lecture on the radio by Gerald Heard about the egression of consciousness into a new frame of reference, suggesting the evolution of consciousness. Consciousness grows? Changes? Yeah! Epiphany!! I discovered me. My consciousness began me. I was empowered. I was my own higher power. The power to create the being I want to be. Emancipated, to take up my care of my own life.

That began my inquiry into philosophy. I am happy to say, my derailed intelligence began to recover, getting onto a different track from that track that had stunted my intellectual growth. I shifted from being a pray-er to a reader. I had my antennae up for seeking “consciousness”.

This Shaw tract, a preface to one of his pretty simple plays (made into a movie) was an eye-opener. Also, read the great American philosopher, Bertrand Russell. Then read Carl Sagan, or “A Letter to a Christian Nation” by Sam Harris. Or, read Christopher Hitchins. And you are off, retrieving your life from an extreme wallowing in raptures of Jesus, who may have been an historical character who had a remarkable story. But so have many other great historical personalities who, unfortunately, have come along in a time of burgeoning population and consciousness. The population of prophets has grown exponentially with the overgrowth of population and have become lost in the crowd.

Please, Jesus lovers, grow! Use your brain power! Do not divert all of it into a blind alley of life. You will retain that goodness, but transfer most of your heat into advanced study.

Such is my thought and feeling every time the boys and girls show up at my door to put me in touch with their raptures, as if I had none of my own. Their mission is to witness, I know, with the gospel, “the good news”. I always become emotionally charged, feelings I have a hard time explaining to myself, but I become very emotional. Lately, I have had more to say by way of challenge to them.

I also have the distinct suspicion that my house has been marked as a special place to send their initiates. Sort of like the way hoboes in the great depression and afterward used to mark with chalk some cryptic hobo-sign, the street curbing perhaps, the place for a good meal, and perhaps a place to sleep overnight in the basement on an old mattress by the furnace. (My Mom did that.)


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