Pres. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize

The President’s honor has received much negative reaction from those who would flunk his presidency. Rush Limbaugh aside — he is merely an “entertainer” who is the best flypaper for the advertisers who make RL very wealthy — enough to be able to afford buying a professional football team which he could turn into the first all-white team in the league — the flies get fried brains and perish on a strictly Limbaugh diet — the Obama critics I have heard in the reports, even those who are usually friendly to Obama, have missed the mark in general saying that the President has not done enough to warrant the honor. I believe they all are all wrong. The have overlooked some basic accomplishments and not given him the credit he has earned.

The prize originates in Europe. That is where a substantial amount of the President’s best work has been done. Face it, the President’s speaking is a potent force. In many instances, it has been dynamite. Nobel himself made a lot of money making dynamite, a very destructive force. With his wealth, he then created a very constructive force, the Nobel prizes in many fields, one of them for peacemakers. Wouldn’t you say resident Obama is basically a peacemaker? Just think of his attempts to establish consensus on issues. Just think of his series of post-election speeches in Europe. In all of his appearances in Europe, he mustered huge crowds.

I think of him standing before an audience of Islamic people in Egypt doing his “just words” best to bridge the gap. That was a very substantial analysis of the situation in the Middle East, Israelis surrounded by Islamists. Not quite, but pretty close to bearding the lion at the entrance to his den. Ah, the bully pulpit!

The constant devaluing of the power of speech underlies most of the negative criticisms. Our culture is rhetorically retarded, on the whole. I dream of our culture having communication skills equal to their beautiful pearly whites.

Was there no sense of pride in seeing an American president being honored by the huge presence in Germany, France, and so on? We here had the reports, of course, but that is not the same as being there.

The Nobel Peace Prize is a European prize, suffused with European values and European money. Later he speaks to the world through the United Nations advancing the American perspective that may govern policy for the next four (eight?) years.

That prize of European origin is meant to influence, with prestige and treasure, the one civilian who commands a powerful armed force as the highest source of central control, the commander-in-chief. It made me think of the greatest of ironies: endow the general of all the armies with a peace prize. What is he to do with all that armed might? Put him in a bind they did.

Each and every destructive citicism is made through the ant-eyed view of the world. And we all know how ants “see”. They have feelers, and they leave a stinking scent trail wherever they go. (RL and his followers, the blind leading the blind.) There go the ants on the hot pavement, oblivious to the forces that may come crushing down on them.

I have tried to present a much broader perspective of Persident Obama’s honor


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