Can Faith Bypass Religion? One Example: The Ft. Hood Killings

Religion has the structure. The structure is an organized attempt to structure faith, to take hold of faith and discipline it to make it do what the structure intends. Faith can play in the fields like a pick-up game of softball or basketball or football or kick-the-can or sandbox.

But religion cannot abide that use of faith; something more structured will be more useful for the organizers’ purposes. Surround faith with more ritual to make it more solemn and serious and consequential. Out of that base proceeds the building of buildings and a population of professional “herders” (shepherds), practitioners to instill certain conforming behaviors, especially for the acquisition of wealth for the building and the compensation of the herders and for the perpetuation of the structures. For that, one important, overarching motivator is setting the threat or promise of an afterlife of eternal bliss or damnation, which will finally take absolute charge of the being’s faith.

There are the strays and “blacksheep” who take a faith outside the formal structures and put together a narrative independent of that dictated by religious structures of regimented belief. I have heard the dictates of religion. I have tried to practice them. They did not conform to what my intelligence took me to and taught me to do.

The ultimate motivator was a fiction, a nice story to comfort the herd, one not based on reason. Reason, in all of its formal and informal practices, must be applied as far as it can go before admitting any speculative outcomes. Most tire of that difficult pursuit and give up the chase too early and accept the easy-out of submission to the herders. The reasoner may never exhaust the different forms available, but he may follow many lines before admitting defeat or satisfaction with the conclusive narrative he has developed.

Faith can and will and should bypass religion. Are you in the herd? For people who have not pursued the sources of faiths outside the herd, the herd is still a good place to be. To be thinking outside the herd and having a faith based on the narratives of unreason constitutes the social catastrophes by which we are all horrified, embittered, devastated, shocked, distressed.

We must root out and expose every ego-narrative that is destined to confound and threaten us. AND DO IT SOON, EARLY IN DEVELOPMENT, IN ITS INCIPIENT STAGE, TO SALVAGE SUCH LIVES. That is a major task and goal for humankind.

An example: the shooter at the recent Fort Hood, TX, killings (11-5-09), unbelievably a major by rank, a psychiatrist in mental health, and a man of Middle Eastern descent, WAS HEARD TO COMPLAIN (That’s the key!) about his imminent deployment to the war in the Middle East. WHO WAS LISTENING?! The narrative was there to be heard, understood, and acted upon, before his unconscionable, terroristic act (probably related to his ethnic background). A case in point. Attend to, become attuned to the narratives you hear! That should be a future field of one’s basic education.

You may be troubled about “BIG BROTHER” listening in to everything we say and do. Snitching on someone. Becoming and being the BIG BROTHER so hated in the literature. We must learn to hear and report with judiciousness, intelligent understanding, through keen sensibilities, when we hear something WRONG, or SUSPECT in what you hear some people are saying. It is a tough call, one only for the more intelligently tactful sensitives who will become good members in a new, modern, overpopulated society. That certain someone needs help, fast, or else! BANG! BANG! It is a tough call. Toughen yourselves with your neighbors, colleagues, friends, relatives, fellow workers, sons, daughters, all, with empathy! THE EMPATHIC RESPONSE! For the general good of both society and of yourself and family! Or else! I cannot be more didactic than that.

My personal belief about that catastrophic act perpetrated by Maj. Malik Hasan, the mass killer, is that he suffered from a fatal cognitive dissonance between his role in the American armed forces in conflict with his family origin in the culture against which he was to be dedicated to make war. His being a psychiatrist treating the men who came back from that war with stories of their own dissonance exacerbated his personal situation. He knew what he was experiencing and going through. For him, there was no out.

You, I, anybody can have faith without religion. Faith can stand alone, as a characteristic of the existence of your belief, and belief is generally about your future; it is what you see there. It is your faith that it will happen. You do not need a “herder”, and you are not a head of sheep, or cattle.


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    Can Faith Bypass Religion? One Example: The Ft. Hood Killings | A Deliberative Mind: Proactive Reflective Prescient Egalitarian

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