The Virus and Survival

The virus is a living organism that wants to live and thrive, just like any living being. It seeks a place that is hospitable for its home. Then it finds itself under attack by inhospitable changes in its environment. Like most living entities, it has to change in order to thrive, to live a happy, productive life. Its evolutionary task is to adapt to the new environment. It has the capability of most other life (not the living fossils which have gone up a blind alley of development with no way out), to mutate, to utilize some variation in its genetic toolbox not useful at the time before the situation changed. But now the variation that just happened to be there opportunistically is taken out of the tool box and tried out and found useful in this new situation.

It has found a fortuitous adaptation for continuing a healthy survival.

If that “bug” were one that is called “h1n1”, then it has beaten the immunization with which it was being attacked. And human beings are in trouble again with a new pandemic.

On the other hand, if the “fossil fuel” virus is met with the “renewable energy” habit, then the human race has extended its life span on planet Earth, and met a moral responsibility to future generations, some of whom will be the great-great-grandchildren of the present generation.

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