Stupidity and Greed: Business as Usual

The Mt. Everest pinnacle of stupidity is a guy who drives up alongside a driver in another car and, believing he has been done some traffic wrong, pulls a gun and kills the other guy. The killer’s license plate is seen and reported by others. The killer is caught, arrested and thrown into jail to await his ultimate fate, probably, what? 30 years to life? For what? A moment’s satisfaction? Road rage?

Hey, you there, in prison! You happy now?

The Mt.McKinley peak of rampant greed is the retention of CEOs with millions of dollars as bonuses for developing toxic-asset paper-profits as a GREED project because nobody was telling you that you could not steal money from investors and because there was no barrier between banks for savings and banks for investing.

Or the making of health-care into a for-profit, capitalistic GREED enterprise with all sorts of policy tricks.

Or the jacking up of credit card APRs as a GREED enterprise for people in credit trouble, like the nonsensical debtors’ prisons of Dickensian times.

They all got away with it and Madoff with millions while the multitudes suffered with foreclosures and bankruptcies. They were also rewarded by our government with bailouts converted to bonuses, which bailouts the government was forced to give because the economy was in precipitous decline.

Stupidity. Greed. Individual. Corporate.

The Mariana Trench of intelligence will rarely, if ever, think of studying the consequences of actions.


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