Republicans: Party of “NO!”

Yes, indeed, “No!” works. “Yes, we can!” sets itself up for failure because the Democrats are affirming an answer to what “we can do”. “No”? Nothing is affirmed No one has to go out on a limb to affirm changes.

“No” proposal was made.

“No” future action is called for.

“No” one has to do or say anything affirmative.

Independents being “mugwump” fence sitters are playing it safe all the way around. “Know-Nothings” they are. Detached. Pick and choose.

“No” is safe against all movement. Stand pat. Stay where you are. Hope not, but also despair not. Let others catch all the heat and we “no”-ers will make all the small gains and, likely, be heavily courted. “Yes we can”-ers may stink it big.

“No” and “Conservative” go hand in hand. They did not tackle health care. and got two terms. The Democrats took on health care and are endangering a second term, as the talk seems to be going.

“Stand pat.” “Don’t gamble.” “Sit tight.” Yes, that is the essence of conservatism.

They crouch in the wilderness weeds of the healthcare bills and debates waiting to pounce at every turn of phrase that suggests movement away from the status quo of healthcare as a capitalistic, for-profit, free-enterprise (and re-election donation-rich) business, especially the turncoats Lincoln, Landrieu, Nelson, Lieberman, Grassley, among others.

They say, “Let’s fix the real problem!” Meaning waste, fraud and abuse. “Make insurance companies ‘transparent’ and accountable.” Of course they mean “regulation”. That’s odd. When they had the majority power, they made regulation disappear, and everyone knows what happened then. All regulation they see as equivalent to “a big government takeover of health care”.



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  2. I have always been a democrat, a very long time. I was not a constituent in any of those cases. I do not have the supernatural powers of omnipresence. Are you trying to pin some kind of responsibility on me? Stick to the subject of Republicans and health care. The kitchen sink is not relevant. Black and white, yes, metaphorically. We have two parties here. Never mind which is one or the other, and I hope there was no racial overtone intended. Each party has a profile which can be characterized, liberal or conservative, and applied to health care, the liberal view is that there must be a healthcare solution that involves a choice which is regulated and supervised by the Federal government, in the “STYLE” of Medicare, if not Medicare. To regulate is not to “take-over”, but to “oversee”, have “oversight”, as government does in so many operations in our lives, does and is needed, and must do.
    Are you in sports? An athlete? Are you a fan of sports? All athletics are played by the rules, regulations, and all are overseen by the umpires, referees, side judges. Instant replay is available in the name of perfect oversight. Oversight is a government function. It does not “takeover” the game, which is still in the hands of the coaches and players. Government is exactly the same, a contest played with oversight. The government in healthcare would have that same oversight and management of the costs, while the actual care is provided by the doctors and hospitals.
    I believe that is the Democrat view. I believe we have that view as a way of extending coverage and keeping costs low. I believe the Democrat view is aiming at a more humane, caring, comprehensive, egalitarian health care program.
    The health care insurance companies have had numerous cut-throat policies. I do not know who you are. I cannot believe anyone who is not a big-wig in a health insurance company making millions by those cut-throat policies or some mercenary office-holder being handsomely paid off by a health insurance company with contributions to election campaigns could ever think of arguing against the Democrat approach. Unless you are a Republican-by-birth and dammit will remain a Republican come hell or high water (in other words, a knee-jerk Republican).

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  4. The world is black and white to you!

    Were you a democrat when McGovern “defend” the University of Alabama? Were you a democrat when Daley ran Chicago? Were you a democrat when Blago ran Illinois? Are aware of what went on in Chicago when Blago was in Springfield? Do you know who was “appointed” to the Senate while Blago ran Springfield? Do you know what Rezko has yet to tell? Do you know who was at the “Purple Hotel”?

  5. Regulation is great as long as I get to regulate!

    • Do you regulate traffic, or is that a function of government? You must, for the good of all mankind you are in contact with at those moments in traffic, turn your self, your life, your body over to the regulation by the government and hope that it works for you. You may have a hand in that regulation if you can improve on the regulatory system of traffic and have the sense to enter the battle for changing it, democratically. But it’s not just traffic, is it? There are innumerable instances in which such regulation is essential, mandatory. For instance, our capitalistic economy. The unregulated capitalistic economy has just recently made many people poor while the fruits of it went to a small group of our fellow citizens bathed unashamed in unheard of, excessive, superfluous wealth, probably laughing all the way in their drive in expensive machines to their multi-million dollar domiciles as the poor sheep they skinned, by the millions, were thrown out of their foreclosed homes. Would I want you for a regulator? Never in a million years! You, in conunction with the rest of us, in a democratic contract, would be fine.

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