A Novel Idea: Belle Isle

My friend Margie always said I should write a book. I had an idea for a novel, but I never wrote it to completion. I called it, “Belle Isle”. It was a dystopia. All the evil people in the world, from all nations, everywhere, would be gathered up and put on some large island. Middle of the ocean. Picket ships and all the sharks would patrol the chummed waters all around it, guaranteeing an interesting swim. The nations would co-operate the enterprise.

A large ship would regularly sidle up to a POE dock secured by fence and army guards and drop off the latest contingent of baddoers, men and women. They would go through a simple processing and be put through a huge gate. They would enter the company of all those preceding them, left to their own resources and devices to feed and shelter and protect themselves. The POE would have a dispensary of rations and clothing from a warehouse. Their culture would be whatever the previous cast-outs had come to adopt, over time. The main story was to tell the development of that culture, of the government, the mores, the rules or laws, the language, and so on. Names would be labels that were pasted on the character of each individual.

The British people did something like that in Australia.

I wanted to cultivate the concept of the evolution of a utopia out of a dystopia, the manner of the saving of a society from itself, arising from the worst of circumstances to become advanced and respectable in the world. The story began with the first contingent.

My MS from my first days after graduating from the university has been misplaced somewhere.

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